Bokarina to Pelican Waters e-Bike ride (3 Hours)

A colorful array of bikes adorned with qr codes, ready to take part in a local gay event. Don't miss out on the excitement at QAF Tours and Events this weekend!

Join QAF Tours and Events for a fabulous e-bike escapade that promises more than just a breeze between your knees.

Picture this: you, a state-of-the-art e-bike, and a group of like-minded adventurers setting off from 241 Oceanic Dr, Bokarina, cruising along the Sunshine Coast with the wind flirting with your hair.

Approx 2 hrs total riding time and 1 hour for coffee and a chat

Our destination? The Pelican Waters Tavern, where coffee, drinks, and light snacks await, not to mention the chance to raise a toast to new friendships and share laughs over a bike saddle.

This three-hour journey is a perfect blend of leisure, sightseeing, and gay camaraderie, designed especially for the discerning tastes of the community. Whether you’re single or taken, this ride is about enjoying the luxury of the coast, the joy of connection, and the undeniable pleasure of a well-timed pedal push.

Ready for an adventure that’s as invigorating as finding a decent man on a dating app?


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