Top LGBTQ+ Events and Festivals in Australia

A vibrant artwork featuring the letters LGBTIA displayed on a lively background.

LGBTQ+ events and festivals offer the community a chance to celebrate and reflect on lesbian and gay life. Throughout Australia, there is a wide selection of events and festivals taking place. These festivals assert the identity, dignity, joy and pride of the LGBTQ+ community through events of celebration.

Enlighten Festival: Hosted in Canberra, the Enlighten festival is a blend of creativity and culture. You can traverse the Enlighten Illuminations lighting up the national attractions, or be stupefied with a spotlight shining over local filmmakers at Lights! Canberra! Action! The skies are filled with colourful hot air balloons at Canberra Balloon Spectacular while the perfect soundtrack at Symphony plays in the Park. Enlighten Festival begins 27 February 2022- 13 March 2022.

National Folk Festival: The National Folk Festival celebrates folk, language, circus, dance, and music. It offers high-end entertainment, to entertain, enliven, and inspire. The National Folk Festival is ready to enchant you throughout Easter long weekend from 15th – 18 April 2022.

Fair Day (Canberra): A major grassroots community event, it offers fun-filled markets, incredible food, and entertainment that celebrates the diversity of LGBTQ+ communities. Fair Day will be held on Saturday, 30 October 2021

LGBTQ Pride Event

World AIDS Day: Held each year on 1 December globally, the World AIDS day festival boosts awareness across the community about AIDS and HIV. It aims to support people who have HIV and commemorates those who died of conditions related to the disease. World AIDS Day event will be held at National Arboretum Canberra on December 01, 2021, from 4:00 pm – 6 pm (AEDT).

Sydney Festival: Hosted every January, it celebrates the New Year with a bang and transforms the city into a bold cultural celebration based on significant ideas and striking performances and art. This dynamic, good vibe, the all-out festival aims to embody people of all communities. The estimated dates for Sydney Festival are from January 6, 2022 – January 30, 2022.

Queer Screen – Mardi Gras Film Festival: A celebration of the heterogeneity of gender identities and sexualities based on queer storytelling on screen. If you can make it in time the 9th Queer Screen Film Fest is going on till Sunday, 26th Sept.  Queer Screen’s 29th Mardi Gras Film Festival will be held in February 2022.

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras: Hosted by one of the oldest LGBTQ+ organizations in Australia, it focuses on celebrating while preserving a commitment to social justice. Event dates are yet to be confirmed, enquires can be made here.

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day: The most-loved and biggest free community event joined by more than 80,000 people, it offers a fun day with live entertainment, Sports Village, Doggy wood, and more than 200 commercial and community stalls. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day will be held on Sunday, 20 February 2022!

Wagga Wagga Mardi Gras: The festival focuses on raising the LGBTQ+ communities and provides an opportunity for people to display their creativity and honour their identity. The entire community is invited for the ride, which includes lots of fun, laughter, and astounding floats. An evening of amazing floats laughs and fun awaits you with Wagga Wagga Mardi Gras on 12th march 2022!

LGBTQ Gay Pride Event

Coastal Twist Festival: The spring edition of the good vibes, all-out LGBTQ+ festival offers all kinds of Queer happenings like a dance party, dance party, and the ‘Coastie-Carnie’ day exhibition complete with up to three signature events Puparazzi Pooch Parade, Hour of Drag Power, and the world’s first LGBTQ+ longboarding event. This vibrant festival focuses on the authentic inclusion of all people. Coastal Twist Festival will be a five-day, all ages, accessible, free and ticketed event from January 19 to 23 2022.

Fruitopia Fairday (Lismore): One of the most-awaited annual family fun days, the Fruitopia Fairday witnesses thousands of families, fun-loving friends, picnic rugs, and pooches for an extravagant outdoor bonanza. With events like a cake bake-off, live music, stalls galore, games for kids and adults, and a dog show, the Fruitopia Fairday aims to welcome spring with gay abandon. Fruitopia Fairday is back with a sparkle on Sunday, 14 November!

Parramatta Pride Picnic:  The Parramatta Pride Picnic is a completely rainbow coloured day full of pride and fun that you can enjoy with your whole family right at the banks of the river in Parramatta. This memorable day features various events such as a fully licensed bar, DJ, sports exhibitions, yoga, face painting, charity BBQ, Sports Village, rainbow kids activation, entertainment, food trucks, and drag. Join them for the 14th annual Parramatta Pride Picnic on Saturday, 30 October!

With the above-listed, LGBTQ+ events and festivals, you are, without a doubt, going to have a gala time in Australia!