Best Bars to Visit in Australia

A trendy bar in a restaurant that hosts occasional gay events in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Best Bars in Australia:-

Australia is commonly known as a nation of drinking enthusiasts, and you can find a good number of magnificent drinking spots here. However, when it comes to the best bars to visit, you need to take execution, concept, atmosphere, and service into account. Best bars in australia

Best Bars in Australia (Big Poppa’s, Sydney)

If you like to listen to hip hop, while drinking and you like to eat cheese, it sounds like you will have your most ultimate night out at Big Poppa’s. Here you can sit upstairs on the first level in the classic, cozy restaurant and gorge on perfectly plated Italian dishes, as well as venture downstairs to the moodier, larger cocktail bar, where you can always order snacks such as cheese to accompany your drink. You don’t need to be in a hurry either, Big Poppa’s is a sacred Sydney spot open till 3 am, even the kitchen.

The Gresham, Brisbane

Rich in both whiskey and history, The Gresham at Brisbane claims to be the only Heritage Bar Licensed in Queensland. Although it offers some of the finest wine, tasty run, and good properly made whiskey in the country, the Gresham bar refuses to define itself. Instead of a formal declaration, it allows people to utilize the space in any way that they want. Although, there is absolutely no better way to appreciate the sumptuous architecture that represents an era than with an artistic, and expertly crafted cocktail in hand.

The Beaufort, Melbourne

A combination of an American theme with nautical features, the Beaufort is a Carlton dive bar that offers exceptionally wonderful cocktails, an extensive range of craft beers, mouth-watering food, and great music. The drinks are all mixed by an experienced crew that knows how to accentuate the right flavour in each sip. The Beaufort also offers a considerable range of burgers on offer, and the weekly Tuesday ‘Burgerpalooza’, in which you can pick up a burger as well as a Young Henrys tinnie for $12.

Kittyhawk, Sydney

Whether you like to sink into isolated leather booths or sit before the wall of windows that build a city view, you will not be able to surpass the Parisian aura offered at Kittyhawk. Everything in the bar from the drinks to the décor is designed to carry you to the liberation of the city in 1944, further topped with contemporary French food being offered. The Kittyhawk is the perfect destination if you are in love with exceptional cocktails, an impressive and lengthy wine list, or are looking to just satisfy your inner Francophile. Best bars in Australia

The Baxter Inn, Sydney

With over more than 800 whiskies, The Baxter Inn, Sydney is a harbour for whisky lovers. However, you need to find it first. Hidden away in an unmarked, undistinguished alleyway in the CBD, the bar is actually present in a basement whose dark interiors house their hero liquor beside the typical range of cocktails and spirits.

For someone who is a true whiskey enthusiast, the Whisky Room offers some of the more exclusive varieties that can also be enjoyed in the intimacy and ambience of the cellar.

Best Bars in Australia:- (Mechanics Institute, Perth)

Settling among the heritage rooftops of Northbridge, Perth, the Mechanics Institute Bar offers the perfect refuge after a long day. As the name suggests, it was established according to the spirit of the Mechanics’ Institutes of the 1800s, which served as an educational establishment primarily for the working class.

This classic split-level bar offers various artisan wines and craft beer from all over Australia. It offers a dynamic array of cocktails and burgers courtesy of Flipside Burgers that is situated directly below.

Call them what you want. Busy. Cool. Happening. These are the most fun bars in Australia right now.